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You'll never know what I might put up next :3


If it looks awesome or interesting I will fav it >83


17. American by CrossoverGamer

I think you did a excellent work here dude X3. I really like how you did this. The skin tones and shading of this is really good and co...

Jigglypuff edit by CrossoverGamer

Grant...This is just awesome and magnificent ^^. Not only does it show proportion but it also looks like it came from the Anime x3, Mix...

original feelings by sweet-innocent-aura

I really like how this looks ^^. The Sparkle of the butterflies makes it a lil' magical and adds a little beauty to this pic. I'm guess...

Luigi's Mansion 2 edited by CrossoverGamer

I really Like how you improved this picture ^w^. All I would say that the Sky could use some work. Like use a gradient instead of just ...

Now I do Critiques ;p


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Happy birthday, man!
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sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!! (o 0 o)
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Cheap Awesome Sketch Commissions
Commission 2 -Carried by the Ocean of Souls- by spdy4
SK12 "Battle in the Ruins" by spdy4
Can you Feel the Music by spdy4
Sketches! Detailed and Awesome :D
if interested please tell me

however no Hentai, Eechi, Gore, and Vore
Ace Attorney Logos
Ace Attorney -Arrow the Dragon- by spdy4
Ace Attorney -Robin Smith- by spdy4
Ace Attorney -Silver Shinobi- by spdy4
If you like the Ace Attorney series why not have yourself a Logo with your character?
Cheap and Cool Avatars
Zero Avatar 2 by spdy4
Just an ID by spdy4
Need an Avatar? I can make them :3
I can make the following Avatars

Megaman Select Icon
Pony Flank Icon
Breast Icon
Blinking Icon
Flashing Background Icon

or I can take any Image you want and measure it down to Avatar Standards.

just tell me what you want and I'll get to work

But No Hentai, Eechi, Gore, and Vore
Cheap and Awesom Digitial Art Commissions
Pearls on the Beach by spdy4
The 16-Bit War by spdy4
Sleepy Time by spdy4

These 3 pictures are a Example of the stuff I can do but if you want a specific style. these are the styles I can do

Sonic Adventure Style
Sonic Battle Style
Classic Megaman Style
Megaman Powered Up Style
MSPaint and Photoshop
Classic Sonic Style
Super Mario Bros. Style
Rainbow Lineart
Cell Shade
and finally MLP Style

If interested please commissions me an tell me what you want. (Make sure you provide a link to the character in question.)

However no Hentai, Eechi, Gore, and Vore.
Wallpaper Commissions
Toxic Love by spdy4
Welcome to Genocide City by spdy4
Console Wallpapers :3 by spdy4
Need a Cool Wallpaper for your Desktop but have the funds to do so?

Well look no further! I can do Awesome Wallpaper worth pictures for you and it's cheap. Just tell me what you want and I'll make it into a wallpaper


None of the following

OC BFF Interview

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 16, 2014, 9:30 AM
  • Listening to: Human After All ~ Daft Punk ~
  • Drinking: Milk
I saw :iconmadmontyzuma:'s Interview with Gea & Lady Pretz

it's up for anyone so I decided to do one myself and the characters

Well Obviously it's Gonna be Arrow but who else could it be?
How about 2 of her closest friends on her homeworld :meow:
so here they are!

Arrow Ref by spdy4  Yumi 2012 by spdy4

1. Okay ladies, your names please.
Arrow: My Name is Arrow I'm a Princess but I'm not your "Pampered, sitting pretty" kind of Princess ;p

Yumi: I'm Yumi, I'm an Alien, I'm actually from Io but I was ran away and I crash landed on Arrow's world
But I currently work as a DJ at a Nightclube B-)

2. How did you meet?
Yumi: I Met Arrow after I ran away from Io, afterwards I crash landed in her garden .w.;
after I came out of my escape-pod I was alil dazed and passed out. But she took me in and
afterwards we became great friends ^^

Arrow: Awww Yumi x3, Yeah it was Night time and I was minding my own business, Reading a book when all of a sudden I hear this loud CRASH! in the back yard, I look out the window and I see this weird pod. I went to go and look but all of a sudden the top pop open and this weird girl comes out and passes out. She was of course.... naked <///<;

Yumi: Yeah sorry about that I didn't have time to pack ^^;

Arrow: It's okay ^^

3. How sweet, so how close are you two?
Arrow: We always like to chat and sometimes when I go out I like to invite her to partake in different activities
and I teach her different things about Jianna ^^

Yumi: Arrow, has been showing me he planet's delicacies, so far I like Pizza but I really love Ramen noodles ewe~:star:

4. Very nice, so what do you two do when you get together?
Arrow: Somtimes we go to the mall, hang out or shop. We even play games with each other :D

Yumi: I really like Mario and Sonic ^^ they seem pretty cool. But we also like to watch movies
sometimes when I have gigs at the Nightclub I invite her and her other friends to party :3

5. What do you like about each other?
Arrow: Yumi is kind, and compassionate but she is alittle shy at times but when night comes
she a sassy and flirty girl ;p

Yumi: Thanks ^//^, Arrow is brave, and defends the innocent. She's also alil flirty but when it comes
to protecting those she loves she'll fight till her last breath

Arrow: Thanks Yumi, that pretty sums me up perfectly :D

6. Ever have sleepovers?
Arrow: Heck yeah! I not only invite her but I invite all the girls I'm friends with!

Yumi: It's true, her parties are , how you say: "Off the hook", they get pretty wild.

Arrow: Yeah they do and they get better every year xD

7. Ever give each other fashion tips?
Arrow: Sometimes we do but we rarely do cause we look good ;p

Yumi: Yeah we do, but there was this one time we swapped outfits

Arrow: yeah, surprisingly your all white outfit looks good on me .w.

Yumi: The could be said about your Casual outfit ^^ but I love your boots 

Arrow: thanks ^^

8. Every embarrass each other?
Arrow: Once but we just kinda laugh about it now

Yumi: we were playing a game of Smash Bros but when I won a match I raised my arms so fast I accidentally
took off her shirt ^^;

Arrow: yeah, and I squealed so loud you could hear it down the hall </w/<;;

Yumi: I made up with her by giving her a Vanilla milkshake.

Arrow: Which I enjoyed ^^

9. Do you ever fight, if so do you patch things up fairly quickly?
Arrow: We fought a few times, but it was mostly about petty things 

Yumi: But as quickly as the fights broke out, the fights end quicker

10. Last one, you girls ever make out in private?
Arrow: Once but it was very brief

Yumi: but it's was more of a Dare then a Actual kiss >/w/>;

Arrow: But I'm married to a hunk named Slash ^///w///^~:heart:

Yumi: Yeah, and I'm currently single at the moment.

If you wanna try this out go ahead ^w^

So Nintendo announced that on August 7th they'll be finally releasing Murasame's Mysterious Castle to the US Virtual Console. How excited are you? 

7 deviants said Murasame what now?
4 deviants said I never heard of that game .3.
3 deviants said FINALLY! I Can play this Famicom Classic :D
2 deviants said That's Cool
1 deviant said Not interested
No deviants said Yay Takamaru is finally here in the US xD
No deviants said Cool, I've alway swanted to play a Famicom Game


Ian Murray
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi there my name is Ian Murray. I live in North Carolina. I like to Draw, play video games (which I have vast knowledge in Consoles and games), Listen to music, enjoy good food, and talk to friends.

I hope to someday become a Video Game designer and make games with my characters (Arrow the Dragon for example) and release them onto consoles, handhelds, and maybe tablet/smartphones.

But for now I'm just waiting for my time to shine.


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